EN - What do you do in a city of 20 million people, amongst 48 million rats and more than four million cars ? You live, of course, even though the infamous Mexican police can make life extremely difficult. After all, they themselves are struggling under the yoke of the mordida - a straitjacket of corruption and payoffs that obliges them to extort money from citizens by fining them for imaginary offences. And the President? He maintains the tradition of the Sun Kings, his illustrious predecessors, proudly proclaiming to the nation that three thousand schools were built last year but omitting to mention that over four thousand schools were closed. Sinking Magic reflects a magical atmosphere, where both stockbrokers and street children balance on the thin line between rationality and insanity in a city whose unstable foundation literally causes it to sink 15 cm a year. Truth really is stranger than fiction.


Title Mexico DF - Sinking Magic
Original language Dutch, Spanish, English
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 1998


Editing Tom Hoste

Technical specs

Running time film 40' | 52'
Release format Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 22 June 2017

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