EN - Mind My Mind is a film about how having a brain that is wired differently affects your social life, and particularly your love life. Flirting, sex and romantic relationships are very challenging for people with Asperger’s syndrome, as they are associated with thousands of unwritten rules and exceptions.

Chris, the main character, deals with his social and emotional limitations together with Hans, a little guy who lives inside Chris’s head and who serves as an information processor. In his own unique way, Hans tries to help Chris survive


Title Mind My Mind
Original title Mind My Mind
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Minority Flemish
Category Animation
Genre Short
Year 2018


Technical specs

Running time film 23'


Production partners Cinete


2018: Palm Springs International Film Festival (US); Stuttgard Festival of Animated Film (DE); Tribeca Film Festival (US); Anima Film Festival (BE)


2018: SWR Audience Award - Stuttgard Festival of Animated Film (DE); Audience Award Best Short - Anima Film Festival Brussels (BE)

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Last edited on 28 June 2019

Short info

Director Floor Adams
Producers Tom Van Gestel
Writers Floor Adams

Fabrique Fantastique
Sterrenstraat 50
2500 Lier


Preferential partners