EN - Old and lonely, a married couple struggles through the last days of their life. She’s living in another world, far away from reality, and he’s trying to find some sense in daily life by taking care of the household, trying not to loose touch with reality. In nursing his demented wife, he finds a purpose to live for, but her anxiety attacks make his life a living hell. What brought them in this state ? Which event in the past triggered this situation ? Does love really conquer all or is that just a sales pitch ?


Title Mon
Original title Mon
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Docs
Year 2001


Technical specs

Running time film 10'
Release format Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 14 June 2017

Short info

Director Guy Thys
Writers Sam Schurg

Periscope Productions
Inge Rochette
Rue des Chartreux 23
1000 Brussels
T +32 2 646 21 30
F +32 2 640 56 60

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