EN - Mortal danger is a TV series based on the concept of reality shows. Each episode consists of three short dynamic items which picture the story of one or more persons whose lives were in danger in totally unexpected situations. Their lives were saved thanks to their own strength or by the help of other people or just because they were very lucky at that particular moment. The victims themselves tell us their story and participate in the reconstruction of the accidents. Mortal Danger also shows how the accident influenced each victims' life, how each put his life together again. It is a positive programme in which notions such as love, solidarity, commitment and will power are essential.


Title Mortal Danger
Original language Dutch, also available in English
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 1998


Technical specs

Running time series 120 x 40'
Release format Betacam SP


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Last edited on 15 June 2017

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