EN - 11-year old Basile is in love with Cecile, 16. In order to get her attention, he tells her that he's reincarnated.

FR - Basile, 11 ans, est amoureux de Cécile, 16 ans. Dans le but d’attirer son attention, il lui dit qu’il a été réincarné


Title My Name Is Victor
Original title Je m’apelle Victor
Original language French
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1993


Cast Jeanne Moreau, Micheline Presle, Dominique Pinon, Maria Schrader, Marc Legein
Photography Jérôme Robert
Editing Susana Rossberg
Art director Véronique Melery
Costume Monika Bauert
Music Jean-Claude Vannier

Technical specs

Running time film 102’
Release format 35mm


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Last edited on 28 June 2017

Short info

Director Guy Jacques
Producers Pierre Drouot, Tharsi Vanhuysse, Dany Geys
Writers Guy Jacques
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