EN - A hard-hitting 52' documentary on the dynamics of violence in Colombia. Drug trafficking, arms dealing and extortion by the FARC guerrillas as well as the sinister paramilitary groups. The disastrous effects of the conflict on the civilian population, especially children. Imagine a country equivalent to twice the size of France, with some 40 million inhabitants and in which 3.000 people are kidnapped every year, and where coca plantation surfaces increase by the day… A 20.000 strong guerrilla insurgency that has been active for the past 35 years, and financed by illegal narcotics trafficking and extortion…an ever-increasing paramilitary movement implicated in some of the worst massacres the country has witnessed…politicians and the military alternating between negotiations and heavy-handed tactics…finally, the civilian population caught between the warring parties…the death toll is heavy…children are going through traumatic experiences… There are some of the facets of the terrible experiences… These are some of the facets of the terrible disease that's wasting away Colombia and is spreading towards its immediate neighbours: Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. Not to mention Europe, where the FARC's drug products are showing up in quantity.


Title Ninos, Guerrilleros Y Cocaina
Original title Ninos, Guerrilleros Y Cocaina
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 2001


Editing Hossein Sadre

Technical specs

Running time film 52'
Release format Beta SX


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Last edited on 8 December 2014

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Director Charles Verpooten
Producers Charles Verpooten
Writers Charles Verpooten

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