EN - In a misty white landscape, an endless procession of people roams. They are characters from the three largest processions of Flanders and look like figures from old Biblical movies. The men are wearing fake beards, dusty robes and long-haired wigs; the women have exaggerated make-up and wear long robes and burkas. In a mesmerizing manner, as in a strange ritual, these people mutter: “One of us ... One of us ... We accept you ... We accept you ... One of us ... One of us ... Gooble Gobble ... Gooble Gobble ... One of us ...”


Title One of Us
Original title One of Us
Original language English
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts , Experimental
Genre experimental
Year 2016


Technical specs

Running time film 15'
Release format HD File
Aspect ratio 16:9
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour


Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
Production partners De Centrale, Argos

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Last edited on 30 May 2016

Short info

Director Koen Theys
Producers Ulrike Lindmayr
Writers Koen Theys

Vincent Stroep
Lange Leemstraat 387
2060 Antwerpen
T +32 484 42 56 81


Website www.escautville.org/public/projectPage.php?title=One+of+Us&artist_id=4&project_id=30
Preferential partners