EN - There are billions of them and they need more space, meaning more water. Plankton, tiny marine creatures, are planning to conquer the earth and three of them are sent ashore to fight for their species’ supremacy. Their mission: to warm up the planet, melt the polar ice and flood the land.

FR - Ils sont des milliards et ont besoin de plus d’espace, de plus d’eau. Les planctons, de petites créatures maritimes, prévoient de conquérir la terre. Trois planctons sont envoyés sur le rivage pour se battre pour la suprématie de leur espèce. Leur mission : réchauffer la planète, faire fondre la glace polaire et noyer toutes les terres.


Title Plankton Invasion
Original title Plankton Invasion
Status Completed
Production Minority Flemish
Category Animation , TV series
Genre Comedy
Year 2013


Music Franck Roussel & Nicolas Richard

Technical specs

Running time series 78 x 7'
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Production partners TeamTO, Tinkertree

Rockie Award nominations uncover four from Flanders

Animated series Plankton Invasion by Joeri Christiaen, Tim Van Aelst’s sitcom Safety FirstThe Perfect Couple by Flemish production company deMENSEN and the BBC drama series The Fall, directed by Flemish helmer Jakob Verbruggen, are amongst the nominees for this year’s Rockie Awards, presented at the Banff World Media Festival (8-11 June).

Plankton InvasionPlankton Invasion zooms in on a team of miniscule marine creatures, plankton, who are in need of more space – or water – and therefore concoct a plan to take over the world.

Published on Wednesday 7 May 2014

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Last edited on 4 June 2014

Short info

Director Joeri Christiaen
Producers Viviane Vanfleteren
Writers Joeri Christiaen, Fred Engel

Vivi Film
Lindenberg 2a
1700 Dilbeek


Cake Entertainment
Tom van Waveren

United Kingdom

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