This film tells the story of a brave and stubborn factory worker in a chemical plant near beautiful Venice, who made it his life work to fight against a production process that kills people and destroysa unique environment. It’s the struggle of David against Goliath. Using interviews with family member and former co-workers, bringing together archives that tell the story of how the factory tha once offered a dream job to many became a nightmare for all, director Paolo Bonaldi draws the portrait of a man you have to admire and a justice you can’t help but hate.


Title Porto Marghera
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 2002


Photography Luigi Falorni
Editing Silvia Dal Ferro

Technical specs

Running time film 52
Release format Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 19 February 2015

Short info

Director Paolo Bonaldi
Producers Paul Pauwels
Writers Paolo Bonaldi, Susan Gray, Eduardo Fracchia
Contact Periscope Productions
Inge Rochette
Rue des Chartreux 23
B-1000 Brussels
T +32 2 646 21 30
F +32 2 640 56 60
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