The Rhetoricians is a rich, varied and most of all funny and lib show where each time 4 players complete improvisation tasks. The tests have clearly defined game formulas, allowing the players to improvise freely within those boundaries. They have no advance knowledge of any of the tasks. Sometimes the players have to work alone or with a partner, sometimes with the gamehost or even all four of them together. There are games that play themselves off against each other, or other ones that require teamwork. The one common necessary skill required in all these games is strong RHETORICIAN talent and reasoning skills. After some games the audience is asked to vote. During the final game, they will form the final decisions. During this last game all four players are situated in a conversation scene that will require them to negotiate: one of them will fall out of the boat. The audience will vote on who will be the persona non grata. This person will be charged with a ludicrous fine. The Rhetoricians is a tv-format and is copyrighted. All rights reserved by Sylvester Productions.


Title The Rhetoricians
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 1999


Cast Ronny Mosuse

Technical specs

Running time series 26 x 25'


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Last edited on 15 June 2017

Short info

Director Jan Matthys

Sylvester Productions
Geert Vanoverschelde
Wakkerzeelsestraat 65
3150 Wespelaar
T +32 16 61 80 80
F +32 16 61 80 88