EN - Orphaned at birth and raised by storks, sparrow Richard believes he is one of them. But when the time comes to migrate, his family must reveal his true identity and leave him behind in the forest, since he would not survive the journey to Africa. Determined to prove he is a stork after all, Richard ventures south on his own, joined by an eccentric owl with an imaginary friend and a narcissistic, disco-singing parakeet. During their epic journey, they run into many obstacles, like deadly bats, internet-addicted pigeons, mafia crows and a thundering jumbo jet...

NL - Richard, een verweesde mus, wordt opgevoed door ooievaars. Wanneer de tijd is gekomen om naar Afrika te trekken, laten de ooievaars hem achter. Richard besluit om de ooievaars achterna te reizen in het gezelschap van een excentrieke uil en een disco-parkiet. Aangekomen in Afrika redt Richard zijn ooievaarsbroer uit de klauwen van een wasbeer. De kleinste ooievaar, Richard, moet zich nu moeten bewijzen als volwassen mus, wil hij zich herenigen met zijn familie.


Title Richard The Stork
Original title Richard the Stork
Original language English
Status In post-production
Production Minority Flemish
Category Animation
Genre comedy, family, roadmovie
Year 2016


Technical specs

Running time film 85'
Available in 3D


Supported by Screen Flanders, Belgian Tax Shelter
Production partners Knudsen & Streuber (DE), Ulysses (DE), Den Siste Skilling (NO), Mélusine (LU)
Tax shelter partners BNP Fortis Film Fund

International take-off for Cloudboy at TIFF Kids

Cloudboy, Meikeminne Clinckspoor’s feature debut, is to receive its international première at this year’s TIFF Kids (7-23 April). The programme also contains Emiel Sandtke’s short Flying Rats, as well as two co-productions: The Day My Father Became a Bush and the animated feature Richard the Stork.

https://vimeo.com/200456500In Cloudboy, 12-year-old city boy Niilas has to travel - much against his will - to Lapland where his mother and her new family live amongst the Sami, an indigenous reindeer-herding people. A Belgian-Swedish-Norwegian-Dutch co-production, Cloudboy won last year’s Work-in-Progress Award at the inaugural edition of NeXT in Ghent.

Published on Monday 6 March 2017

Colombian-Belgian documentary short selected for Berlinale

Juanita Onzaga’s documentary short The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do has been selected for the Generation 14plus Competition at the Berlin International Film Festival (9-19 February). The animated feature Richard the Stork, which was co-produced with Flanders, also premiers in the Generation section.

The Jungle Knows You Better Than You DoJuanita Onzaga’s film, a cross between documentary and fiction, is set in Colombia, a country portrayed as a land of ghosts. The filmmaker follows her brother Pablo deep into the jungle in search of the spirit of their dead father. There, they uncover truths and attract unexpected company.

Published on Tuesday 17 January 2017

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Last edited on 25 April 2017

Short info

Director Reza Memari, Toby Genkel
Producers Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben
Writers Reza Memari

Walking The Dog
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