EN - Sam is a guy who does what he likes, when he wants. He loves his life and never looks back. But behind him is Leni, who is actually his backbone. His support, his love. He discovers what he is (not) without her, when Leni leaves him. When they each go their own way, they discover just how and why they need (or don't need) each other.


Title Sam
Original title Sam
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2005


Cast Sven Ronsyn, Catherine Kools
Photography Nick Derutter
Editing Gaetan De Poorter
Music Gustavo Santaolalla

Technical specs

Release format Beta SP
Aspect ratio 1:1.85
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour



2005: Flanders International Film Festival Ghent (BE)

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Last edited on 1 June 2016

Short info

Director Gaetan De Poorter
Producers Gaetan De Poorter
Writers Gaetan De Poorter

Gaetan De Poorter
Guido Gezellestraat 27A
9930 Zomergem
T +32 486 255 331