EN - Serial Drummer Girls is a project by video artist Koen Theys based on a live performance by 30 young female extras, including percussionists and singers. In this film, Theys tries to interweave sound and image as naturally as possible. To achieve this, he works with ChampdAction, a production platform with years of experience in setting up multidisciplinary, experimental sound projects.

Serial Drummer Girls is the final part of a film trilogy in which music forms the constant thread. The first part, Death Fucking Metal, starts with rock and heavy metal music. In part II, My Dragon Brother, Chinese opera music is central, while the final part, Serial Drummer Girls, revolves around Western atonal, modern classical music. The musical forms still exist, but their originally relevant content and contexts have been lost. They have become empty zombie-like shells and it is for this reason that they can together be called the ‘zombie trilogy’.


Title Serial Drummer Girls
Original title Serial Drummer Girls
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts , Experimental
Genre experimental
Year 2016
World première / first public presentation 2016-10-19


Cast Noemie Beeldens, Ana Naqe, Camilla Ardui, Karolien Jansen, Sari Veroustraete, Annelies Van Dinter, Fay Herregodts, Olga Kunicka, Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, Anouk Peeters, Myrthe van der Mark, Muriel Garcia Urquidi, Naomi Beeldens, Lisa Deckers, Sophy Ribrault, Frederike Migom, Zoë Hannebau, Juicy Dune IJsselmuiden, Lissa Van der Auwera, Regina Janzen Ana Naqe, Maïly Beyrens, Birgit Eecloo, Lore van Roelen, Yasmin Van Der Rauwelaert, Ianthe van Veen, Yinthe Toussaint, Yemo Park, Céline Mathieu, Liese van Hove, Clara Lissens

Technical specs

Running time film 33'
Release format HD video
Colour Colour


Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Vidi-Square
Production partners deSingel, ChampdAction, Argos, Etablissement d'en face

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Last edited on 1 March 2017

Short info

Director Koen Theys
Producers Ulrike Lindmayr
Writers Koen Theys

Lange Leemstraat 387
2018 Antwerpen


Website escautville.org/work/serialdrummergirls
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