The Shadow of the Cross is an original and exciting travel program that combines adventure with culture. Jan Leyers will ste off to Jerusalem on his motorcycle. Purpose is not merely to give a detailed historical account of the first crusade. The program will present a fascinating on- the- road story that is largely inspired by the first crusade and the looks for links between the past and the present. Our trip will lead us from Belgium, through Germany, Ausria, Hungary, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon to Israel. An episode does not necessarily enclose one specific country, but rather represents a chronological part of the trip. Every episode is about 40 minutes long and brings a mixture of discoveries on the interference in between western and “coleur locale” and interesting eastern civilization. The on the road concept will facilitate a variety of adventurous approaches on a fascinating world that reveals itself to our curious though critical traveler Jan Leyers.


Title The Shadows Of The Cross
Original language Internationaal
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 2001


Cast Jan Leyers
Photography Stijn Van Der Veken
Editing Studio Jack the Cutter- Michel Ronsmans

Technical specs

Running time film 11 x 37
Release format Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio 16 : 9


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Last edited on 19 February 2015

Short info

Director Johannes Bucher
Producers Kim De Vry
Writers Johannes Bucher, Jan Leyers
Contact TV De Wereld
Vaartdijk 3 601
B-3018 Wijgmaal (Brabant)
T +32 16 30 09 00
F +32 16 30 09 01
Sales Tv De Wereld
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