One for Sorrow, two for Joy, three for a Girl, four for a Boy, five for Silver, six for a Secret never to be told : Wim Vandekeybos used this Irish nursery rhyme about magpies as a basis for his performance ‘7 for a Secret never been told’. The performance was made up of seven interflowing sections, alluding to ‘two extreme emotions, the two sexes, two precios metals and a secret’. For each scenea specific scenery and different movement material was developed. Silver is the fifth scene of the performance: a motionless figure wrapped in foil is put on stage. Suddenly huge feathers fall out of the air and make the figure move. Gradually the other dancers appear on scene: complex parner work develops into an energetic and powerful physical scene, using the typical Vandekeybus danc vocabulary.


Title Silver
Status Completed
Category Experimental
Year 2001


Photography wim Vandekeybus
Editing rudi Maerten
Music Thierry De Mey

Technical specs

Running time film 14
Release format Betacam SP


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Last edited on 10 May 2011

Short info

Director Wim Vandekeybus

Ultima Vez

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