Solar is absolute. Solar is not. Solar is not at all for it is a pleasant madness with a glow inside... Solar is a song of sun. Solar is a song of death. Solar is a nocturne. Solar is a trip at dawn. Solar is the gracefulness of movement. Solar is dancing at rest. Solar is Ash. Solar is the axle of the wheel. Solar is Empedocles’jump revistid. Solar is disappearing as the ultimate deed to confirm life. Solar is a dance film. Solar is suggestion. Solar is erotic like you’ve never seen and never will. Solar is the caress of an invisible hand. Solar is the will to live. Solar is mourning. Solar is a foal. Solar is dead. Solar is the sun, oh the sun! There she is again and again! Solar is blushing. Solar is blue. Solar is what we never saw. Solar is what we never saw Solar is what we never saw. Solar is what our speechless senses always have known and always wanted to forget. Solar is without words. Play again. Oh the sun, the sun! there she is! Again and again!


Title Solar
Original title Solar
Original language no dialogue
Status Completed
Category Experimental
Year 2003


Cast Alice Chauchat, Lise Solar
Photography Ruben Impens, Anouk Declercq
Editing Pieter De Buysser
Music Nocturne in D minor by Chopin, played by Ashkenazy

Technical specs

Running time film 12’
Release format Beta SP


Supported by

The City of Antwerp

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Last edited on 23 February 2015

Short info

Director Pieter De Buysser
Producers Pieter De Buysser
Writers Pieter De Buysser
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