EN - After years of civil war and exile, the few remaining dance choreographers of the once world-famous Tajik National Ballet discover the secret to training the next generation of exceptionally talented ballet dancers.

FR - Après des années de guerre civile et d'exil, les quelques chorégraphes survivants du anciennement mondialement célèbre Tajik National Ballet forment une nouvelle génération de danseurs de ballet exceptionnellement talentueux.


Title State of the Art
Original title State of the Art
Original language Russian, Tajik
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 2012


Technical specs

Release format HD


Flanders Four at Forum

An unprecedented total of four projects from Flanders are selected for this year’s IDFA Forum, IDFA's international co-financing market for documentaries and Europe's largest gathering of filmmakers, television commissioning editors, and independent documentary producers.

Still from Pieter-Jan De Pue's Land of the EnlightenedThe record-number of Forum projects is another sign of the re-found dynamism in the Flemish documentary sector. The four projects are: Fons Feyaerts’ The King of Mont Ventoux (prod: Associate Directors) is a thrilling virtual competition that puts five legendary cycling heroes in an unprecedented race beyond the boundaries of time, crossing the verge of sports.

Published on Saturday 12 November 2011

IDFA presents Flemish doc bonanza

A record-breaking haul of eleven documentaries and four docu projects from Flanders have been selected  for this year’s IDFA, the international Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (16-27 November). Works from Jeremy De Ryckere and Kristof Bilsen, who recently graduated from RITS and NFTS (UK) respectively,  are shown in the Student Documentary competition. The other entries feature in the Reflecting Images: Panorama, Paradocs section and IDFA pitching Forum.

Still from Jeremy De Ryckere's The HeirBoth Jeremy De Ryckere’s The Heir and Kristof Bilsen’s White Elephant compete for the IDFA Award for Best Student Documentary, worth €2,500. The Heir tells the story of a father, Raf, and a son, Dominique, and their relationship to their passion: horse racing, a long family tradition. White Elephant is a documentary about the Central Post Office and its employees in Kinshasa, DR Congo. This grandiose relic of a colonial past has trapped its employees in a frozen timewarp from which they are planning their escape. Last year the Award for Best Student Documentary went to the Flemish doc What’s in a Name by Eva Küpper.

Published on Thursday 27 October 2011

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Last edited on 31 October 2014

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Director Eva Küpper
Producers Dimka Vanderhaeghen

DI-M Production
Lusthoflaan 133
9030 Gent
T +32 497 547 332

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