EN - It's one week before the bowling championship. The rivalry between the bowling teams results in the murder of Tony, the leader of the Rolers. Bob and the Strikers seem to get away with it and they are heading for victory in the championship. But somehow Tony rises from the dead and returns to the bowling hall...


Title Striker Bob
Original title Striker Bob
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 1997


Cast Tom Dewispelaere, Ben Segers, Stijn Van Opstal, Stefan Perceval, Koen van Impe
Photography Frank Van den Eeden
Editing Ludo Troch, Nico Leunen, Marc Wouters
Art director Heike Smet
Makeup Diana Dreesen
Music Nico Renson

Technical specs

Running time film 17'
Release format 16 mm



1998: Canal+ Award - Brussels International Film Festival (BE); Honorable mention for Cinematic Excellence - Rochester International Amateur Film Festival (US)

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Last edited on 23 June 2017

Short info

Director Lars Damoiseaux
Producers Ruben Goots
Writers Lars Damoiseaux

Asap Distribution
Nathalie Giboire
Prinses Elisabethlaan 169
1030 Brussels
T +32 2 215 00 97
F +32 2 215 60 64