EN - This series tells the kind of story of which you soon realise, no matter how far-fetched it sounds, that it really did happen. Strange, gruesome or amusing events which happened to a friend of someone's friend and which are eagerly retold. They have a collective name: urban legends. Most of them resurface in the press from time to time. The same tales are told on all five continents, adapted to the customs and culture of the particular country. Everyone knows a few of them. Such as the tourist who wakes up under a bridge in great pain and his kidneys seem to have been stolen, or the woman who ducks down a blind alleyway and is never seen again, or the drug-crazed baby-sitter who microwaves a baby... These strong stories will always exist and will always fascinate people. They play on our unstated fears, and sometimes on our hidden longings.


Title Strong Stories
Original title Sterke verhalen
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 1998


Technical specs

Running time series 12 x 30'


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Last edited on 23 June 2017

Short info

Director Luk Wyns
Writers Luk Wyns

Ilse De Vlieger
Tollaan 107 Box 3
1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe
T +32 2 716 34 11
F +32 2 725 39 77