EN - Symfollies is an imaginary created world similar to our world but with its own particularities. The characters in this world are the instruments of a classical orchesra. There is no dialogue between them. To replace the dialogue, all experiences in this world are combined with a piece of classical music.

Symfollies came into being, starting from the fact that classical music is appreciated by only a small part of population who are attracted by the auditive rhythm. Later appreciation for classical music is very much influenced by the music heard in childhood. So it is important to confront young children with clssical music. Symfollies combines the auditive aspect with the visual aspect in order to offer classical music to all children in an attractive way. Symfollies makes use of the current communication tools (like television) where the focus is not on the classical music itself. It is an indirect way of confronting children with classical music which might awake a positive feeling within them towards classical music. Once a positive feeling has been created, the classical music education can take over and optimally play its role.


Title Symfollies
Original title Symfollies
Status Completed
Category Animation , TV series
Year 2004


Editing Ives Agemans
Music Michel Bisceglia, Karel Van Marcke

Technical specs

Running time series 52 x 5'


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Last edited on 15 June 2017

Short info

Producers Hilde Mesure

BMC Group
Johan Casselman
Brandekensweg 9
2627 Schelle
T +32 3 844 68 68
F +32 3 844 13 52