EN - A documentary about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a gigantic scientific instrument located near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France, about 100 metres underground. It is a 27 km particle accelerator used by physicists to study the origin of everything. The Circle leaves behind the scientific aspect of the experiment and makes a journey above ground. We follow the 27 km circle in a search of local people with an opinion about what’s happening below.

NL - In de buurt van Genève bouwden een groep wetenschappers de LHC, de meest krachtige deeltjesversneller ooit. Deze 27 km lange, ondergrondse ring moet ons meer leren over de oorsprong van alles. In L' anneau volgen we de cirkel boven de grond in een existentiële zoektocht naar mensen met een mening over het wetenschappelijke experiment.

FR - Dans les environs de Genève, un groupe de scientifiques a construit le LHC, le plus puissant accélérateur de particule jamais construit. Cet instrument d’une longueur de 27 km implanté dans le sol doit nous en apprendre plus sur l’origine du monde. Dans l’anneau, nous suivons les cercles au dessus du sol dans un voyage existentiel sur l’humanité et le sens de l’expérience scientifique.


Title The Circle
Original title L' Anneau
Original language French, English
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Docs
Genre Human interest/Science
Year 2013
World première / first public presentation 2013-04-24


Photography Maarten Bernaerts, Lennart Stuyck
Editing Jason Boenne
Sound Gedeon Depauw
Music Gedeon Depauw
Drawings Tom Vanuytrecht
VFX and title design Hans Lethany
Grading and mastering Kobe Van Steenberghe
Translations Vicky Colin
Subtitling Betse De Vos
Production Assistant Arne Normon
Production Assistant Vicky Colin
Producer Hendrik Verthé
Creative Producer Kobe Van Steenberghe

Technical specs

Running time film 48'
Release format HD Digital File 720P
Other available formats digibeta/DVD
Aspect ratio 16/9
Sound format stereo
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Supported by The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Flanders Image, the Flemish Government, Belgian tax shelter financing, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Woestijnvis, Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatique (SACD)


2013: Doxa Documentary Festival - Vancouver (CAN) / Hot Docs (CAN) / Docville (BE) / Heartland (USA)


Best Mid-Length Documentary Hot Docs 2013 (Canada)


  • Poland: Planete Pologne (TV)
  • Swiss: RTS (TV)
  • United States: Shorts TV (DIGI TV)

Call the A Team

Hendrik Verthé and Kobe Van Steenberghe didn’t want to hang around after film school, so they set up their own company, a team productions. Four years on they’ve produced several shorts, including the multi-award winning Land of the Heroes, and they have just wrapped shooting on their first feature production, Image.

Text Ian Mundell | Portrait Bart Dewaele

vertThe pair met at the RITS film school in Brussels and worked together on several projects, including their respective  graduation films. 'At the end Hendrik said: Let's start a company. And I said: That's a great idea,' recalls Van Steenberghe. 'It was a bit naive, maybe, but we didn't want to work all the time on little jobs and then only do something 10 years later. We decided just to do it ourselves, start the company and see how it goes.'

Published on Monday 3 June 2013

The Circle awarded at Hot Docs

Bram Conjaerts has won the Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary for The Circle at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto (25 April-5 May). The award is accompanied by a cash prize of 3,000 Canadian Dollars. Besides Amsterdam’s IDFA, Hot Docs is one of the most pristine documentary festivals in the world.

thecirclefinewsThe Circle received its world premiere at this year’s Hot Docs in the International Spectrum section of the fest, which presented a total of 25 documentary films. For his subject the director went to Geneva and surroundings where researchers of CERN, the European organization qualified for nuclear research, have been investigating the origin of mater for years now. Scientists therefore built the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) some 100 meters below ground, the most powerful scientific instrument with a length of 27 kilometres. In The Circle Conjaerts tracks the ring of the LHC above ground in an existential quest for inhabitants with their own opinion on the scientific experiment.

Published on Friday 10 May 2013

The Circle and Goudougoudou to Doxa Film Fest

Bram Conjaerts’ The Circle and Goudougoudou by Pieter Van Eecke and Fabrizio Scapin have been selected for the Doxa Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver (3-12 May). The Circle has also recently received an invitation for Hot Docs, where it will screen end of April.

The circle summaryThe Circle revolves around the Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France, about 100m underground. A 27km long particle accelerator, it is used by physicists to study the origin of everything. The results and interpretation of the collisions of particles should revolutionise the understanding of the universe and how it began. In his documentary, Conjaerts leaves the scientific aspect of the experiment and follows the 27km circle above the ground in an existential search for local people with an opinion on what’s happening below.

Published on Monday 8 April 2013

JUNIOR and The Circle join Hot Docs line-up

Sien Versteyhe’s JUNIOR and Bram Conjaert’s VAF Wildcard film The Circle have been selected for the 20th edition of Hot Docs, the Canadian International Documentary Festival (25 April-5 May). Both medium-length films are screening in the fest’s International Spectrum category, making them eligible for the Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary, as well as the Audience Award. The Only Son, a minor co-production with Flanders, is selected for the World Showcase section. Along with IDFA, Hot Docs is one of the world’s foremost documentary film festivals.

Sien Versteyhe's JUNIORJUNIOR is premiering internationally at Hot Docs after a work-in-progress of the film had screened at the Belgian Docville fest, receiving a Special Mention from the International Jury. Bram Conjaerts’ The Circle was also added to the fest’s Official Selection and is to receive its world premiere in Toronto.

Published on Wednesday 20 March 2013

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Last edited on 26 April 2016

Short info

Director Bram Conjaerts
Producers Hendrik Verthé, Kobe Van Steenberghe
Writers Bram Conjaerts

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