EN - All over the world there are victims and predators. But Man struggles for more than mere survival: he craves power. Some fight to get it some are the suffering innocents who are caught up in the middle. Sometimes unlikely heroes emerge who feel inspired to make a stand in their own words. JOHN BOORMAN (British film director) : In his latest film Beyond Rangoon, he gives us a glimpse of the real political situation in Burma. BONGO KUENDA (Angolan singer/composer) : He aims to enlighten and ultimately motivate his fellow Angolan refugees and exiles all over the world through his songs, poetry and spectacles. ADEL IMAM (Egyptian actor) : Despite grave risks involved he decided to appear in a film which is a strong indictment of islamic fundamentalism. ANGELIKA VARUM (Russian singer) : A native of Chernobyl takes up the cause of - especially of the children - who were affected by the nuclear disaster there.


Title A Time for Commitment
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 1996


Technical specs

Running time film 52'
Release format Betacam SP


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