EN The story of Amal, a girl who lives in an asylum centre with her friends. One day her best friend Muna leaves and she is replaced by a strange girl Hamda who takes advantage of her. Amal, the girl who is always trying to help her friends by giving them hope and showing them how to live life, will be left alone...


Title Undocumented Love
Original title Jacayl bila sharci
Original language Somali
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre Drama
Year 2018
World première / first public presentation 2018-10-16


Cast Fatma Osman, Liban Abdullahi, Muna Hassan, Moudane Mahdieh, Ibrahim Mohamed, Jan Swinnen, Muna Yassin, Fortun Hassan, Rand Abou Fakher, Angela Al Souliman, Hans Van Nuffel, Alex Verhaest, Meriem Manikita
Photography Esmoreit Lutters, Danilo Galivanes-Salcedo
Editing Guillaume Graux
Sound Ibrahim Mohamed, Asad Dirye
Art director Rand Abou Fakher, Bas Bonhof

Technical specs

Running time film 21'
Colour Colour
Available in 2D



2018: Film Fest Gent (BE)

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Last edited on 15 March 2019

Short info

Director Fatma Osman
Producers Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens
Writers Hans Van Nuffel, Fatma Osman

Gwendolyn Lootens & Gawan Fagard
Manchesterstraat 36
1080 Brussels
T +32 484 817 833
T +32 494 371 886


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