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Still from Fanny Zaman's SurfaceSurface ties and unties the certitudes of meaning as it progresses. What is seeing? What is knowing? What are the forces of narrative?


Still from Fanny Zaman's DplusoneFrom Surface (FID 2008 competition) to Song-Mountain Area (FID 2010), Fanny Zaman has explored invisible and sometimes infathomable technology.

Song Mountain Area - The Centre Direction

Still from Fanny Zaman's Song mountain area, the Centre DirectionA critical portrait of a mountain at the crossroad of rumours, facts and choreography.

Local (Draft Version)

Local (Draft Version)The trader’s solution is simple: make no predictions and there can be no surprises…


AlgorithmAlgorithm is the last chapter of a trilogy set in the world of finance - following DplusOne and Local (Draft Version) - which observes the growing abstraction of an economy in which data is overtaking ‘real’ trade.

Conseil d'Etat

Conseil d'etatImages from the 1958 Brussels Expo are accompanied by a 1980s soundtrack causing sound and image, fear and optimism to collide.


TrinititeTrinitite explores Belgian postwar history, with sound and image relating to awakening, emancipation and decay.


one, two, many, Viva Paradis and DplusOne at FIDMarseille

Manon de Boer’s new film one, two, many has been selected for official competition at the International Documentary Festival of Marseille (FIDMarseille, 4-9 July). Both Isabelle Tollenaere’s Viva Paradis and Fanny Zaman's DplusOne are also screening at the fest in the ‘Threads of Power’ sidebar.

Still from Manon de Boer's one, two, manyAuguste Orts, the production and distribution company behind one, two, many, can officially celebrate its third film in competition at FIDMarseille. Herman Asselbergh’s Dear Steve was the first to be invited in 2010, while Sven Augustijnen’s Spectres followed suit the next year and even captured three awards (GNCR Award, the Media Libraries Award and a Special Mention). This year its Manon de Boer’s turn with one, two, many, which is also set for its world premiere in Marseille.

Two to Marseille

Sequenza, an experimental short film by Manon de Boer en George Van Dam is selected for the parallel programme ‘La java de la source’ at FIDMarseille (1-7 July), Marseille’s International Film Festival which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Fanny Zaman’s upcoming film Carpets is also one of 10 participating projects at FIDLab, the festival’s co-production platform.

CarpetsSequenza found its way into one of the parallel sections at FIDMarseille, whith ‘La java de la source’ focusing on the theme of sound. For their 14-minute experimental film project, Manon de Boer and George Van Dam took Sequenza VIII for solo violin by composer Luciano Berio as a starting point.

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