EN - Bahoz is 19 years old and lives surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes. Every day, he goes to the mountains to hunt although he catches very little. But today will be the day that will change his life forever.

NL - Wanneer Bahoz, een jonge Iraakse man, terugkeert van de jacht, hoort hij gegil. In de struiken vergrijpt een man zich aan Nisrin, een jonge vrouw. Bahoz verjaagt de man met zijn geweer en probeert Nisrin te helpen zodat haar familie niets zou merken. Haar eer staat immers op het spel. Wanneer die avond de familie van Nisrin hem komt opzoeken, denkt Bahoz dat ze hem komen bedanken…


Title Bad Hunter
Original title Bad Hunter
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre Drama
Year 2014


Cast Taher Abdullah, Varsin Jar, Naima Abdo
Photography Kamiran Betasi
Editing Joren Desmidt, Alain Dessauvage
Sound Kamal Mikail
Art director Samir Sindi
Costume Samir Sindi
Music Johan Hoogewijs

Technical specs

Running time film 14'
Release format DCP
Other available formats HDcam, Blu-ray, dvd
Aspect ratio 1:1:85
Sound format Dolby Digital
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Erbil Cinema

Marry Me and Lucifer compete in Valladolid

Kadir Balci’s Marry Me and Lucifer, directed by Gust Van den Berghe have been selected for Valladolid’s upcoming International Film Festival (18 - 25 October). Two shorts, Bad Hunter, directed by Sahim Omar Kalifa, and Deben Van Dam’s The Way of All Flesh, are also in competition, while the animation film collection 12 Minutes About Peace will be shown out of competition. The Valladolid Film Festival opens with Two Days, One Night by the brothers Dardenne, a co-production with Flanders.

Marry MeAfter making his debut in 2009 with the hit film Turquaze, Kadir Balci returns with Marry Me, a film about a gym teacher who wants to marry his Turkish colleague following a brief affair. But they reckoned without their families…

Published on Thursday 2 October 2014

Kalifa’s Bad Hunter Tracks Down Montreal Jury Award

Bad Hunter, Sahim Omar Kalifa’s latest short, has won the Jury Award for Short Film at the Montreal World Film Festival, which came to an end on September 1.

Bad HunterScripted by Sahim Omar Kalifa and Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, the 14-minute short follows 19-year-old Bahoz, a young Iraqi who goes every day to the mountains to hunt and catches very little. But today will change his life for ever.

Published on Thursday 4 September 2014

Montreal World Film Fest takes Flanders’ treatment

The Montreal World Film Festival has picked up The Treatment by Hans Herbots for its 38th edition, taking place from August 21-September 1. Herbots’s psychological thriller will have its international premiere in the festival’s Focus on World Cinema section. In addition, Sahim Omar Kalifa will present his latest short film Bad Hunter in Official Competition. Kevin Meul’s short Cadet and the animation project 12 Minutes About Peace, a collection of 12 one-minute shorts commemorating WWI, are also set to screen in Montreal.

Bad HunterThe Treatment stars Geert Van Rampelberg as police inspector Nick Cafmeyer, a man who seems to have it all. Yet a dark shadow hangs over his life: since the age of nine, he has been haunted by the disappearance of his younger brother.

Published on Wednesday 6 August 2014

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Last edited on 6 June 2014

Short info

Director Sahim Omar Kalifa
Producers Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem , Dries Phlypo
Writers Sahim Omar Kalifa , Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem

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