EN - 12-year-old Sam heads off to camp with his fellow cub scouts. He soon stumbles upon a mysterious tree house, home to a masked, feral-looking child. When Sam tries to warn the scoutmasters, they ignore him: after all, the boy often tells tall tales. Increasingly isolated, Sam is convinced a terrible fate awaits them and he is right: the feral child is assistant to the Poacher, an evil psychopath who is intent on slaughtering the scouts one by one.

NL - Sam, een 12-jarig fantasierijk jongetje, gaat op kamp met zijn scoutsgroep, leiders Peter en Kris en fourageur Jasmijn. Eens ze het bos betreden, voelt Sam al snel dat er iets niet helemaal juist is. Hij vindt een mysterieuze boomhut en ontmoet een wilduitziend, gemaskerd kind. Wanneer Sam zijn leiders probeert te waarschuwen voor dit kind, negeren ze hem. Sam vertelt namelijk vaak straffe verhalen en door zijn mysterieuze verleden, waar hij weigert over te praten, vertrouwt zijn leider Peter hem niet. Doordat Sam steeds meer geïsoleerd geraakt van de andere welpjes en leiders, wordt het hem steeds duidelijker dat er hen een vreselijk lot wacht. Zo blijkt het wilde kind de helper van de stroper te zijn, een sinistere psychopaat die het bos bezaaid heeft met ingenieuze vallen en van plan is de welpen af te slachten… Eén voor één.

FR - Sam, un jeune garçon de 12 ans plein d'imagination, se rend à son premier camp scout avec sa meute de louveteaux. Il découvre une cabane construite dans un arbre et tombe nez-à-nez avec un enfant sauvage, masqué. Quand Sam essaie d'en avertir ses chefs d'unités, ils l'ignorent: le garçon dit souvent des mensonges, et son mystérieux passé, dont il refuse de parler, les rends méfiants et suspicieux. Sam devient alors de plus en plus isolé des autres scouts et se convainc qu’un terrible destin les attend... L'enfant sauvage, il s'avère, est l'assistant du Braconnier, un psychopathe qui a criblé la forêt de pièges ingénieux, et a l'intention de faire disparaître les scouts... un à un...


Title Cub
Original title Welp
Original language Dutch, French
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Features
Genre adventure, horror
Year 2014
World première / first public presentation 2014-09-04


Cast Maurice Luijten, Titus De Voogdt, Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans, Jan Hammenecker, Gill Eeckelaert
Photography Nicolas Karakatsanis
Editing Maarten Janssens
Sound Antoine Vandendriessche, Fabien Pochet
Art director Geert Paredis
Costume Margerita Sanders
Makeup Roxanne Janssens, Labhise Allara
Music Steve Moore
Executive producer Louis Tisné, Richard Christian Matheson

Technical specs

Running time film 87'
Release format DCP
Aspect ratio 2.39
Sound format Dolby Digital
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Wallimage/Bruxellimage, NFF, KFD, Medialaan, Indiegogo, Telenet, Kinology
Production partners Submarine, crowdfunders, BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance


2014: Midnight Madness - Toronto International Film Festival (CA)

Jonas Govaerts’s Cub sold to the US

Cub, Jonas Govaerts’s feature film debut, has been sold to the US. Sales agent Kinology has announced that Artsploitation Film will be releasing the film next summer, with video-on-demand and DVD release scheduled for the autumn.

CubCub is about 12-year-old Sam, who heads off to camp with his fellow cub scouts. He soon stumbles upon a masked, feral-looking child, who turns out to be the assistant to the Poacher, an evil psychopath who is intent on slaughtering the scouts one by one.

Published on Tuesday 10 February 2015

Altitude acquires Cub for UK release

Altitude Film Distribution has picked up Jonas Govaerts’s feature-film debut Cub for release in the UK. The film, set in a summer camp for scouts, is scheduled for a theatrical run in summer 2015. Meanwhile, in its home country, Cub has taken over 75,000 admissions to date, with a box office total of €500,000.

CubIn the film, Sam, an imaginative 12-year-old boy, goes off to camp with his Cub Scout pack. He quickly discovers that something is not quite right in the woods when he stumbles across a masked feral child. As Sam gets more and more isolated from the other scouts, he becomes convinced a terrible fate awaits them: the feral child is the assistant of the Poacher, an evil psychopath who has laced the forest with ingenious traps and is intent on slaughtering any trespasser… one at a time.

Published on Monday 5 January 2015

The Treatment, Waste Land and Cub selected for Austin Fantastic Fest

Hans Herbots’s The TreatmentWaste Land, directed by Pieter Van Hees, and Jonas Govaerts’s debut feature Cub are invited to Austin for the city’s Fantastic Fest (18-25 September). They are joined by three co-productions with Flanders: Fabrice du Welz’s Alleluia, Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac and the animation special A Town Called Panic – The Christmas Log.

CubThe Treatment tells the story of Nick Cafmeyer, an intelligent but troubled police inspector who’s still haunted by the unsolved disappearance of his younger brother. When a nine-year-old boy goes missing, he takes the lead in the relentless manhunt that follows. Directed by Hans Herbots, the film is based on Mo Hayder’s crime novel.

Published on Tuesday 16 September 2014

World premieres for Waste Land and Cub in Toronto

Pieter Van Hees’s Waste Land and Jonas Govaerts’s debut feature Cub have been invited to the Toronto International Film Festival (4-14 September) where they will receive their world premieres. Fabrice du Welz’s Alleluia, a co-production with Flanders, also joins the line-up. And, as previously announced, The Drop by Bullhead-director Michaël R. Roskam will also screen in Toronto, as will Alan Rickman’s A Little Chaos, both of them starring Flemish actor Matthias Schoenaerts.

Waste LandToronto will screen Waste Land in its Vanguard programme, which showcases ‘provocative, sexy… and possibly dangerous’ films. It is Van Hees’s third feature after Left Bank (2008) and Dirty Mind (2009).

Published on Wednesday 6 August 2014

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Last edited on 27 March 2015

Short info

Director Jonas Govaerts
Producers Peter De Maegd
Writers Roel Mondelaers , Jonas Govaerts

Peter De Maegd
Timmerhoutkaai 7
1000 Brussels
T +32 476 21 12 50


Gregoire Melin
Rue Moret 30
75011 Paris
T +33 6 87 51 03 96

Website www.cubthemovie.com