EN - What happens when your scrapbook doodles and collages come to life? A kid’s copybook bulges with doodles and cut-out illustrations. With the doodles, he makes comments on lessons and events at school. On the last page, he doodles Jim, Jam and Jippy. All is quiet inside the book until Jim, Jam and Jippy start moving. They are bored, so they travel to other pages, penetrating deeper into the wonderful world of doodles and fantastic landscapes in which everything comes to life. Jim and Jam try to make sense of all those new situations, but interpret the world in the copybook in their own slightly erroneous and naive manner. To our little doodles, a page from the copybook is like an endless desert, the edges of which they will never reach…


Title Dudels
Original title Droedels
Original language Dutch, French
Status In development
Production Majority Flemish
Category Animation , TV series
Genre action comedy
Year 2017


Technical specs

Running time series 52 x 11'
Available in 2D


Supported by the VAF/Media Fund
Production partners Lunanime (BE), 4.21 (FR)

Flanders Animation in the spotlight in Annecy

Animation projects from Flanders will take centre stage during the first edition of the Flanders Animation Focus at this year’s International Animation Film Festival in Annecy. On 17 June, 11 Flemish producers will pitch their upcoming animation features and series to potential co-producers and buyers. The initiative reflects the ambition of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) to stimulate the production and international promotion of animation from Flanders.

Flanders Animation FocusThe Flanders region boasts a wide variety of high-end animation studios and creative talent, resulting over the past few years in various nominations and prizes abroad. During the Flanders Animation Focus, 11 projects, both animation features and series, will be presented to potential co-producers, co-financers, buyers and distributors.

Published on Wednesday 8 June 2016

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Last edited on 30 May 2016

Short info

Director Rudi Mertens
Producers Peter Bouckaert
Writers Rudi Mertens, Jimmy Simons

Eyeworks Belgium
Peter Bouckaert
Fabrieksstraat 43
1930 Zaventem
T +32 2 711 42 50


Preferential partners