Max (40) leaves his house in the suburbs. He arrives in Brussels, a city he does not like because of its unfamiliarity. He drifts through its streets and meets Louis, an old work-mate, Alice, a would-be actress, and Abdel, a Moroccan tram conductor. A kind of relationship grows between the four 'heroes'. This leads to tragedy and no one gets escapes unscathed.


Max, 40 ans, vit dans sa maison de banlieue. Il arrive à Bruxelles, une ville qu’il n’aime pas à cause de sa non-familiarité avec celle-ci. Il parcourt ses rues et rencontre Louis, un ancien camarade de travail, Alice, une actrice en devenir, et Abdel, un conducteur de tram marocain. Une espèce de relation grandit entre les quatre « héros ». Tout ceci mène à la catastrophe et aucun d’eux n’en sort indemne.


Title Brussels By Night
Original title Brussels By Night
Original language Dutch, French
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1983


Cast François Beukelaers, Ingrid De Vos, Amid Chakir, Michel Mentens, Daniel Van Avermaet, Nellie Rosiers, Fred Van Kuyk, Josse De Pauw, Senne Rouffaer

Technical specs

Running time film 90
Release format 35mm



2010: European film Festival (BRA)


1980: Belgian Award for best Screenplay / 1983: Award for Best Film (San Sebastian film Festival) / 1983: Silver Trophy Spanish Cineclubs / 1983: The Andreé Cavens Award (Union of Filmcritics) / 1983: Silver Award (Creative Club of Belgium) / 1984: Outstanding Film of the Year (London Film Festival)

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Last edited on 28 August 2013

Short info

Director Marc Didden
Producers Marc Didden, Erwin Provoost
Preferential partners