Bruges in the Middle Ages - the Venice of the North - locked between land and sea and beset by the misfortunes of time. Plagued by natural disasters and the calamities that lie at its heart and faced with decline, the city struggles towards its Renaissance. And at the same heart of that city works a painter, an inspired alchemist in search of new materials. There he mixes his breath with oil and pigments, condenses colour and light, transparency and solidity. The secrets of oil painting he discovers will offer immortality to his city. This film shows us the Middle Ages as seen through the imaginative eyes of the Flemish Masters and does not restrict itself to a faithful reconstruction of historical facts.


Title Cités Antérieures - Brugge
Original language no dialogue
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Experimental
Year 1996


Editing Franck Magnant
Music Cécile Le Prado
Released 1996

digital art : Alain Escalle

Technical specs

Running time film 11
Release format D1
Aspect ratio 16:9



• Fipa d'Argent - FIPA, Biarritz - 1996 • Premier Prix Pixel-INA in the section art and Mention de la meilleure bande sonore awarded by SACEM and the Conseil Supérieur des Techniques at IMAGINA, Monte Carlo - 1996 • Grand Prix du Jury - Festival Vidéo Liège International - 1996 • International Jury's Prize - 42nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - 1996 • Prize for the Best Video Production - 27th Filmothèque of the Youth Festival Oberhausen - 1996 • Golden Key and Jury Prize - 4th International Art Film Festival, Trencianske Teplice (Slovak Republic) - 1996 • Grand prix de la Qualité de l'Image, XXe Festival International du Film d'Art et Pédagogique UNESCO, Paris - 1996

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