An interactive installation based on three axes: contemporary cinema, interactive cinema and social psychology. Each of the axes allow the development of a complex and rich environment. Direct Cut is about two people: a woman and a man. Their relationship is difficult and complex. However the spectator has the most important role because he is continuously involved in the process of these evolving characters. Each new step in the play zone changes the heroes' attitudes towards the viewer. But at the same time it also affects their own relationship. The viewer controls different scripts and operates as a film director and an actor, making the triangular relationship an even more complex figure.


Title Direct Cut
Original title Direct Cut
Original language French, English
Status Completed
Category Experimental
Year 2005


Cast Heike Langsdorf, Gaetan Wenders
Photography Marijke Van Kets
Editing Alexandra Dementieva
Music Arnaud Jacobs

interactivity designer: Siegfried Canto

Technical specs

Running time film 35’ / 40’
Release format Beta Digit
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour


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Last edited on 4 September 2013

Short info

Director Alexandra Dementieva
Producers Alexandra Dementieva
Writers Anne Van Wichelen

Alexandra Dementieva
T T 02 217 94 34

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