EN - Willem W. walks with his father to court on the first day of the Agusta-trial, the biggest corruption scandal in Belgian history, where the defendants are the former Nato Secretary General, politicians and… his father, who was responsible for the money laundering. Johannes Van Buren, the ambitious anchorman of the prime time television news, ridicules Willem – who refuses to talk to him – a bit by describing him as hysterical in court. Willem is furious. His friends, Frank and David, inspire him to kidnap Van Buren and investigate his private life. He’ll give the journalist the treatment his family got: every juicy detail you’d want to hide in the open. He finds out more then he cares for, not exactly about the journalist but rather about himself. His search reads as a manual called “How to loose your ethics, ego and friends in a few days”.


Title Film 1
Original title Film 1
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1999


Cast Peter Van den Begin, Herbert Flack, Luc Wallyn, Frank Vander Linden, David Steegen
Photography Lou Berghmans
Editing Neil Skeet
Music Dirk Jans

Technical specs

Running time film 100'
Release format 35 mm
Sound format Dolby Surround


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Last edited on 22 June 2017

Short info

Director Willem Wallyn
Producers Willem Wallyn
Writers Willem Wallyn

Luna Films
Willem Wallyn

T +32 475 422 987

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