EN - Letter Home is a film letter in which touristic images of the director's trip to Japan are digitally distorted. The basic strategy of this type of digital corruption is copying, which is used in the film to challenge the western perception of Japan as a ‘copying culture’. The sound, by contrast, is not corrupted, which invites the viewer to project his or her own memories and sensations. The trip to Japan was a blast, full of astonishment and wonder.


Title Letter Home
Original title Letter Home
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Docs
Genre experimental
Year 2015


Photography An van. Dienderen
Editing Fairuz
Sound Patrick Codenys

Technical specs

Running time film 10'
Release format DCP
Aspect ratio 4/3
Sound format stereo
Colour Colour


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Last edited by Elektrischer Schnellseher on 21 February 2016

Short info

Director An van. Dienderen
Producers An van. Dienderen
Writers An van. Dienderen

Elektrischer schnellseher
Jef Vandermeulenstraat 6
9050 Gentbrugge


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