A respected police commissioner has a reputation as a fervent opera lover, but by night he also enjoys plunging into the transvestite scene. In addition, he harbours a longing for his very own sister. When he learns that his wife has been murdered, he tries to implicate the set-designer who has designs on his sister.


Title Mascara
Original title Mascara - Make-up Voor Een Moord
Original language English, Dutch, French
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1987


Cast Michael Sarrazin, Charlotte Rampling, Derek De Lint, Romy Haag, Eva Robins, Herbert Flack, Serge-Henri Valcke, Jappe Claes, Alexandra Vandernoot

Technical specs

Running time film 110’
Release format 35mm


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Last edited on 30 October 2013

Short info

Director Patrick Conrad
Producers Pierre Drouot
Preferential partners