A Belgian criminal gang travels from Antwerp to Lithuania to recruit young Eastern European girls. After getting a 'special training program' in Cyprus, the girls end up in strip joints and brothels in Belgium, while some of them are sold to pimps in Holland and Germany. Belgium turns out to be the perfect transit country for traffic in women. The police are slow, while immigration officers are corrupt. It is easy money for the gangsters. But this latest group of girls are giving them a hard time. And there is also this very ambitious investigative journalist and a former gang member who is deep in debt…


Title Matrioshki
Original title Matroesjka’s
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 2004


Cast Peter Van den Begin, Tom Van Dyck, Axel Daeseleire, Luk Wyns, Evgenia Hirivskaya, Lika Kremer, Liuba Tolkalina, Zemyna Asmontaité, Frank Aendenboom, Jan Decleir, Wim Opbrouck
Photography Michel van Laer
Editing Philippe Ravoet, Ludo Troch, Alain Dessauvage
Music David Julyan

Technical specs

Running time film 10 x 45’
Release format 16mm
Aspect ratio 16/9
Sound format Dolby SR 5.1
Colour Colour


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Last edited on 30 October 2013

Short info

Director Marc Punt, Guy Goossens
Producers Marc Punt
Writers Marc Punt

Independent Productions
Marc Punt
Godefriduskaai 22 b42
B-2000 Antwerp
T +32 3 201 10 50
T +32 475 41 86 53


High Point & Television
Elizabeth Mews 25
NW3 4UH London
United Kingdom
T +44 20 7586 3686
F +44 20 7586 3117

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