EN - Tony is really handsome, but he smells. A scientist gives him a potion that should get rid of his fishy smell. Unfortunately, there are some serious side effects.

FR - Tony est très beau garçon, mais il sent mauvais. Un scientifique lui donne une potion qui devrait le débarrasser de son odeur suspecte. Malheureusement,  il y a quelques sérieux effets secondaires.


Title The Merman
Original title De zeemeerman
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1996


Cast Daniel Boissevin, Gonny Gaakeer, Angélique De Bruijne, Joke Buijs, Peter Faber, Katja Schuurman, Bert André
Photography Philip Hering
Editing Victorine Habets
Music Ruud Bos

Technical specs

Running time film 112’
Release format 35mm


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Last edited on 26 June 2017

Short info

Director Frank Herrebout
Producers Jean Daskalides
Writers Frank Herrebout, Rob Houwer

Holland Film
Jan Luykensstraat 2
1070 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 20 570 75 75
F +31 20 570 75 70

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