EN - Frank, an ambitious and corrupt politician, tries to get on the top of the world. This desire becomes his mission in life by blackmailing rich and influential men caught into the loveweb of his partner-in-crime, the femme fatale Mona. But Mona has her own ideas of who should be running the show. In order to achieve her dreams this material girl will use her most effective weapon: a deadly combination of astounding beauty and Machiavellian cunning. Frank loves his own wife Lisa, but can't seem to avoid the temptation of Mona. And temptation is a problem with Frank. Lisa wants to help him in his political campaign but in this effort to consolidate his power in the rackets he loses all reasons. He's in way above his head and from one moment into the other he finds himself in the custody of the very people he tries to blackmail.


Title Mr. Nice Guy
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2001


Cast Hans De Munter, Ann Ceurvels, Herbert Flack, Luc Wijns, Ingrid De Vos
Photography Marijke Van Kets

Technical specs


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Last edited on 15 June 2017

Short info

Director Peter Borghs
Producers Tharsi Vanhuysse

Acasa Esana (Era Films)
Tharsi Vanhuysse
Coremansstraat 22
2600 Antwerp
T +32 3 281 85 61
F +32 3 281 85 64