EN - A magic-realistic short about a depressed Belgian businessman, Benny, who wants to jump off a skyscraper. Will he be stopped by two persistant immigrant cleaning ladies? Nightshift is about immigrants and their position in Belgian business and indirect racism.


Title Nightshift
Original title Nachtshift
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2006


Cast Koen De Bouw, Dahlia Pessemiers, Iris Bouche, Anita Allara, Delfine Bafort
Photography Gerd Schelfthout
Editing Jan Hameeuw

Technical specs

Running time film 10'
Release format 35mm
Aspect ratio 1:2.35 (scope)
Sound format Dolby SR
Colour Colour


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Last edited on 18 July 2014

Short info

Director Wendy Montelano
Producers Daniël Lamberts, Peter De Maegd
Writers Jim Simons
Contact Potemkino
Peter De Maegd
Aalststraat 9
B-1000 Brussels
T +32 2 213 38 35
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