EN - He once was a young god but has now turned into a tired taxi driver. She, once a beauty, now has put on a mass of weight and is a cleaning woman. She’s fallen in love with her boss : an ambassador. When they get invited to his birthday party by mistake, she’s in the seventh heaven whereas he would do anything to prevent them getting there on time, trying to save her from disappointment. It seems he’s lucky. Driving to the party, they knock down a pedestrian, who is also heading for the party. Why is this man trying to escape all the time, when they’re only trying to get him to a hospital ? And what is hidden in the gift-wrapped pack that he leaves behind after he succeeds in getting away ? The answer might hurt your ears.


Title No Police
Original title No Police
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 1998


Cast Mitta Vander Maat, Eddy Vereycken
Photography Glynn Speeckaert
Editing Ann Francx
Sound Raymond Vanderslagmolen
Art director Patrick de Coster, Glynn Speeckaert
Music Benjamin Boutreur

Technical specs

Running time film 12'
Release format 35 mm


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Last edited on 22 June 2017

Short info

Director Serge Bierset
Producers Paul Pauwels
Writers Serge Bierset, Patrick De Coster

Periscope Productions
Inge Rochette
23 Rue des Chartreux
1000 Brussels
T +32 2 646 21 30
F +32 2 640 56 60

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