A film about a man who, in vain, tries to detach himself from his own fate about the maintaining of dreams and hopes, furtive deals, and unpronounced feelings. About a sad little country fair next to the railtracks, the village pub, ill pony’s and a horny Lolita, the jealousy of a cowgirl with an insolent kid, in short, a true Belgian Western.


Title Pony Palace
Original language /
Status Completed
Category Features , Shorts
Year 2000


Cast Luc Perceval, Kristine van Pellicom, Caro Lenssen, Ben Segers, Alexandra Jacxens, Peter Gorissen, Reinhilde Decleir
Photography Marijke Van Kets
Editing Peter Alderliesten

Technical specs

Running time film 50
Release format Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 23 February 2015

Short info

Director Bie Boeykens
Writers Bie Boeykens, Stany Crets
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