EN - Picture this: a small dead-end street in a big Belgian city. Due to negligence in the city’s building-scheme, the inhabitants of this small street find themselves suddenly confronted with expropriation and evacuation. A celebrated Flemish writer, occupying a small apartment in this street, which he uses as a working-place, witnesses how the inhabitants try to fight this injustice, but are faced with selfishness, individualism and resignation. He dreams up a new street, isolated from the world. A street in which human beings understand each other and cooperate in founding a new society. A street in which freedom, love and tolerance are no empty conceptions. A fable on the connection between imagination and reality. A film about eroticism, relationships, social disorder and the system’s failure.


Title Street For Sale
Original title Vergeten straat
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1999


Cast Marc Peeters, Jos Verbist, Dimitri Leue, Luk Wyns, Mitta Vander Maat, Bob De Moor
Editing Frank Struys
Music Ad Cominotto

Technical specs

Running time film 110'
Release format 35 mm


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Last edited on 21 June 2017

Short info

Director Luc Pien
Producers Bob Goossens
Writers Bob Goossens, Louis Paul Boon

Brussels AVE
Jochen Girsch
Visitandinenstraat 1/48
1000 Brussel
T +32 2 511 91 56
F +32 2 511 81 39

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