EN - Looking Glass is a gallery focussing on art and new media. Its aim is to identify innovation and change in new aesthetical presentation techniques. All projects are linked to the problematization of new art in the publicspace, from a socio-cultural background. New technology including internet as a medium for performing, is predominantly present in the exhibitions and installations. The key role is the shopwindow in which Looking Glass is located. It functions as an attractionpole for the audience, who interact with the setup. Looking Glass wants to stimulate the awareness of the public, confronting them with unexpected interactive installations, performances and concerts. Artists will be making dedicated installations and artworks, projecting the public space of the street as a nomadic map of traces left by its occupants and connecting it to the Looking Glass Window.


Title TimeFrames
Original title TimeFrames
Status Completed
Category Experimental
Year 2005


Other 10 new media projects produced by LookingGlass/OKNO
Martijn Van Boven – Jelle Meander + Eavesdropper – Arjen Keesmaat – Code31 + Unamas – mxhz + anne wellmer – mxhz – pascal baes – mxhz + nicolas collins – bolwerk – foam

Technical specs


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Last edited on 25 October 2013

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Looking Glass / OKNO
Koolmijnenkaai 30/34
1080 Brussels

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