EN - They can take your job... They can fuck your wife... Your son may be a shoplifter... It just happens. But don’t you ever let them mess with your favourite brand of coffee.


Title A Touch Of Coffee
Status Completed
Year 2001


Cast Frank Focketyn, Karen Vanparys, Ludo Hoogmartens, Senne Dehandschutter, Marc Peeters, Din Meysmans

Technical specs

Running time film 15'
Release format 35mm / Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 18 October 2013

Short info

Director Christian Vervaet
Producers Filip Callewaert
Writers Christian Vervaet

Het Gematigd zeeklimaat
Filip Callewaert
Donkerstraat 46
1740 Ternat
T +32 2 582 24 27
F +32 2 582 24 27

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