EN - Axelle, a promising young tennis player, is left in increasing desperation when she learns that her attentive coach Jeremy has been detained for further questioning. While rumours and emotions fly, Axelle secretly harbours her deep-felt emotions awaiting their reunion. When Jeremy is permanently removed from her life, Axelle must accept that her silence was not enough to save her hero. For the first time in her life she experiences the loss of love...

NL - De leegte die coach Jeremy P. achterlaat in het leven van de 14-jarige tennisbelofte Axelle D. wordt groter en groter nu zijn aanhouding verlengd wordt. Stil wacht Axelle hun weerzien af. Wanneer duidelijk wordt dat Jeremy niet meer zal weerkeren, begrijpt Axelle dat haar stilzwijgen niet volstaan heeft Jeremy te beschermen.

FR - Axelle, jeune joueuse de tennis prometteuse, est désespérée d'apprendre que Jeremy, son coach attentionné, est détenu en interrogatoire. Tandis que les rumeurs se répandent, Axelle garde secrets ses sentiments pour lui dans l'attente de leurs retrouvailles. Quand finalement Jeremy se retrouve isolé de sa vie, la jeune Axelle réalise que son silence n'aura pas suffit à sauver son héros. Pour la première fois de sa vie, elle connait la perte de l'amour, pour laquelle finalement, elle fut seule et unique arbitre.


Title Umpire
Original title Umpire
Original language Dutch, French
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre coming-of-age, drama, tragedy, portrait
Year 2015
World première / first public presentation 2015-10-18


Cast Benjamin Ramon, Lilith Kempynck, Mirthe Tavernier, Alexandra Lymarev, Laurence Roothooft, Ivana Jozic
Photography Wim Vanswijgenhoven
Editing Tom Denoyette
Sound Senjan Jansen
Music Senjan Jansen

Technical specs

Running time film 17'48"
Release format Alexa
Other available formats DCP, MOV, dvd
Aspect ratio 16:9
Sound format mono/stereo/dolby
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Supported by Sabam
Production partners LUCA School of Arts


2016: Pardi di Domani - Locarno Film Festival (CH), International Film Students Meeting - San Sebastian Film Festival (ES)

2015: Film Fest Gent (BE), International Short Film Festival Leuven (BE)

Vincent and Umpire invited to Locarno

Vincent, the new feature by Moscow, Belgium director Christophe Van Rompaey, is to have its world premiere at the Locarno International Film Festival (3-13 August). Starring Spencer Bogaert, Barbara Sarafian and French actress Alexandra Lamy, the film will have an open-air screening in the Piazza Grande. In addition to Vincent, Leonardo Van Dijl’s short film Umpire has been invited for the Pardi di Domani Competition.

VincentVincent is an ecologically obsessed 17-year-old who drives his family crazy with his attempts to reduce their carbon footprint. His giddy French aunt Nikki takes him on a trip to France, convinced that the boy’s obsession is caused by his suffocating mother. But on their road trip, Vincent proves to be much more than Nikki can handle.

Published on Monday 25 July 2016

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Last edited on 19 August 2016

Short info

Director Leonardo Van Dijl
Producers Leonardo Van Dijl, Maïté Spaenjers
Writers Leonardo Van Dijl

Leonardo van Dijl
Leonardo Van Dijl
Grootbrittanjelaan 29
8530 Harelbeke
T 0478 75 73 48


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