EN - Felix grows up as an inside spectator at veterans’ bike races - a violent, drug-infused world where his father dominates with both pedals and fists. Felix follows in his footsteps and even surpasses his talent, making his father proud but jealous at the same time. On the way to become a pro rider, Felix rebels and flees to Italy, the promised land of youth cycling. However, his body doesn’t respond to the widespread miracle drug EPO and he ends up drained by the brutal training. His father comes to the rescue by transfusing his own blood to him. Now nothing can stop them, not even the threat of cancer. After all, what is cancer compared to winning the race of your dreams?


Title Coureur
Original title Coureur
Original language Dutch, English, Italian
Status In development
Production Majority Flemish
Category Features
Genre drama
Year 2018


Technical specs

Running time film 90'


Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Production partners Climax Films (BE), Circe Films (NL), Kino Produzioni (IT)


2014: When East Meets West - Trieste Film Festival (IT), CoProduction Village - Les Arcs European Film Festival (FR)

2013: Script & Pitch Torino FilmLab (IT)

2012: Binger Writers Lab (NL)


2014: Emerging Talent Award - When East Meets West / Trieste Film Festival (IT)

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Last edited on 26 September 2016

Short info

Director Kenneth Mercken
Producers Koen Mortier, Eurydice Gysel
Writers Kenneth Mercken, Monica Stan

Czar Film
Koolmijnenkaai 30
1080 Brussels
T +32 2 413 07 70
F +32 2 413 07 77


Website www.czar.be
Preferential partners