EN - The story is set in Kattenoog, a small and charming little village at the edge of a mysterious lake. For years the village has been captured by the legend of a magical stone that attracts witches, vampires and other ghosts. To protect its inhabitants the Mystery Club was founded a long time ago. Eli (11), Robin (13) and Simone (12) dream to become members of the club. A dream that won’t come true without a challenging adventure. The legend also caught the attention of Max (17), Boris (17) and Daphne (16), the team behind Booh-TV, an online channel specialized in scary myths. They head out to the village to unravel the secret. Will the kids discover the secret of the Magic Stone?

NL - In Kattenoog, een klein en karakteristiek dorpje aan de rand van een mysterieus meer, heerst er al jaren een griezelmysterie en daarvoor wordt de Griezelclub in het leven geroepen. De leden hebben de taak om het dorp en haar inwoners te beschermen voor heksen, vampiers, weerwolven ... Al dat gespuis is uit op het Kattenoog, een mysterieuze heksensteen met magische krachten die verborgen ligt aan het meer.


Title The Kattenoog Mystery Club
Original title Kattenoog, het geheim van de griezelclub
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category TV series
Genre kids, drama
Year 2015


Cast Britt Scholte, Ian Thomas, Kürt Rogiers, Birgit Schuurman, Eline de Munck, Emma Verlinden, Warre Verlinden, Rosaline Lantink, Nathan Naenen, Urbanus
Photography Johan Stoefs
Editing Cheeru Mampaey, Jeroen Van Hecken
Sound Kris Vermeylen
Art director Koen Bauwens
Costume Manu Verschueren
Music Joris Hermy
Naar een idee van Anjali Taneja

Technical specs

Running time series 50 x 10' | 10 x 45'


Supported by the VAF/Media Fund
Production partners Het Konijn, Goed Verhaal

Lagardère sells The Kattenoog Mystery Club at MIPCOM

New Belgian-Dutch kids’ series The Kattenoog Mystery Club has been picked up by Lagardère Entertainment Rights for worldwide sales. The live-action series will have its market première at MIPCOM (5-8 October).

The Kattenoog Mystery CLubComments Frédérik Rangé, Head of Acquisitions at LE Rights: “There are not many TV series for kids on the market that keep the balance perfectly between mystery and humour. In addition, the series’ production value is great while the actors deliver a strong performance. We believe The Kattenoog Mystery Club will charm and seduce a lot of programme buyers.”

Published on Monday 5 October 2015

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Last edited on 25 April 2017

Short info

Director Douglas Boswell
Producers Erwin Provoost, Peter Quaghebeur
Writers Bram Renders, Maliboe, Kevin Ingelbrecht, Anjali Taneja

Tania Berkovitch, Ilse De Leersnyder
Mechelsesteenweg 203
2018 Antwerpen
T +32 3 285 73 07


Lagardère Studios Distribution
Frederik Rangé
7 Rue du Dôme
92773 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex
T +33 140 74 76 76

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