EN - Cops portrays Britt and Tony, two young policewomen, and the men on their team in their professional and private lives. How the challenge of their calling, that of fighting crime and their work itself, affects their personal lives and relationships. How their devotion to the pursuit of perpetrators is matched only by their heartfelt compassion for the victims. How even the seasoned cops equally often battle with despair or are forced to admit their powerlessness. But any cop in the world will tell you that for every hazardous or heartbreaking story, there is a hilarious one waiting around the corner. In this respect too, Flikken remains a realistic, and therefore often hilarious portrayal of a cop's life.

Powerfully filmed, this realistic ensemble series depicts gripping stories of crime in a modern city : stalking and racist crime, homicide, rape, squatters and pickpockets, school violence or hit and run accidents.


Title Cops
Original title Flikken
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category TV series
Year 2001


Cast Andrea Croonenberghs, Joke Devynck, Ludo Hellinx, Mark Tysmans, Axel Daseleire, Cahit Ölmez, Hubert Daemen, Wim Danckaert
Photography Ivo Cloetens,
Editing Luc Provoost, Guido Paredis
Music Fonny De Wulf

Technical specs

Running time film 39 x 50'
Aspect ratio 16:9
Sound format Dolby Surround


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Last edited on 13 June 2017

Short info

Director Dirk Corthout, Peter Rondou, Anne Ingelbrecht, Toon Slembrouck, Mark De Geest
Producers Erwin Provoost
Writers Pierre De Clercq, Erwin Provoost, Hans Snauwaert, Jan Bergmans, Dominique Van Waes, Johan Vandevelde

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Fabriekstraat 43
1930 Zaventem
T +32 2 711 42 50

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