EN - In a waiting room people are waiting for the birth of a baby. The nervous father tries to assist the mother, then the midwife arrives. The baby is born, but not without difficulty. The father runs into the waiting room to show the baby but finds the room empty. At that moment the appearance of the baby starts changing. It grows older and starts to look like the people who were in the room. The father, completely baffled does not react. Eventually, the child dies in his arms as an old man. The characters are now waiting for the death of the oldest man. The nervous father, his wife and the midwife try to comfort the man. The dying man has a vision: a running crowd of children and men. In the crowd we recognise the faces of those who are in the waiting room. The old man dies in the father’s arms. When the father enters the waiting room, again it is empty.


Title Inasmuch
Original title Inasmuch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2000


Cast Damiaan De Schrijver, Ina Geerts, Miel Seghers, José Verheire, Jeff Mercelis, Max Pairon, Arto Mangelschots, Oihana Azpillaga De Coster,Tasio Azpillaga De Coster, Mauro Kirikou Verbiest, Mary Herbert, Mauricia Cantero
Photography Lieven Van Baelen
Editing Rudi Maerten, Jan De Coster
Sound Charo Calvo
Costume Isabelle Lhoas
Makeup Isabelle Lhoas
Music Marc Ribot

Technical specs

Running time film 14'
Release format 35 mm



“First price for Best Photography”, Leuven Short Film festival, December 2000 “Price for Best Short Film” from Cinergie, International Film Festival Brussels (B), Jan. 2001

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Last edited on 14 June 2017

Short info

Director Wim Vandekeybus
Writers Wim Vandekeybus, Jan De Coster

Ultima Vez
Zwarte Vijversstraat 97
1080 Brussels
T +32 2 219 55 28
F +32 2 219 68 02

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