EN - Lucien is in his eighties but that doesn’t stop him from being stubborn. Following his wife’s death he refuses to stay any longer at Gerda’s, his fretful 40-year old daughter. He moves back into his empty house where Mathilde, his best friend’s voluptuous wife who he’s been having a secret affair with for years now, gives him a hand with the housekeeping. But Lucien soon discovers how hard it is to be alone. The only relationship that he truly cares about is that with his sprightly granddaughter Julie. But she will soon leave for Paris to continue her studies. When Lucien meets his new neighbour Sylvia, he is getting more and more intrigued by this interesting woman. Thanks to Sylvia Lucien manages to start a new life. She teaches him new tricks for the household, takes him to the supermarket and gives him his first computer lesson. But when their friendship reaches a point of no return, Lucien takes a radical decision…

FR - Lucien, un octogénaire pensionné et têtu, se bat contre la vieillesse et contre les quatre femmes qui l’entourent.


Title The Only One
Original title Vidange Perdue
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 2006


Cast Nand Buyl, Viviane De Muynck, Miseé Wyns, Leo Achten, Marijke Pinoye, Liesje Patteet
Photography Gerd Schelfhout
Editing Geoffrey Enthoven, Philippe Ravoet
Music Lalalover / Tom Kestens

Art director: Bart Van Loo / Production supervisor : Lise Lambert

Technical specs

Running time film 90'
Release format 35mm
Aspect ratio 1:1.85
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour


Supported by

Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)


2010: European Film Club (EGY) / European film Festival (BRA) / European Film Festival Kuala Lumpur (MYS)


2007: Beste Film (Zoom TV)

2006: Main Award of Mannheim-Heidelberg (Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg)

Films Boutique to represent Enthoven’s upcoming features

Geoffrey Enthoven and Mariano Vanhoof's production hub Fobic Films has closed a deal with Berlin-based Films Boutique. The international sales agent is to represent Enthoven’s two upcoming features Half Way and Winnipeg, both scripted by Pierre De Clercq. Films Boutique also added Geoffrey Enthoven’s back catalogue produced for Fobic Films to its slate – Children of Love,The Only One and Happy Together.

Geoffrey EnthovenFilms Boutique had already handled international sales for Come As You Are, which has been sold to over 42 countries so far. Enthoven’s feature film about three disabled youngsters who, under the guise of a wine tour, embark on a journey to Spain hoping to get laid there, was awarded EFA’s People’s Choice Award last year.

Published on Tuesday 28 May 2013

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Last edited on 19 December 2014

Short info

Director Geoffrey Enthoven
Producers Mariano Vanhoof
Writers Geoffrey Enthoven, Jacques Boon

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