EN - A man leads a double life. He’s still married to his first wife, with whom he feels at home; but he’s also married to another younger woman with whom he has a child. By day; he lives in one house; at night he lives in the other; and in-between, somewhere in a petrol station, he makes the switch. The situation is tearing him apart. He often gets anxiety attacks, which happen mostly in the ‘new house’. Coincidence will determine the future in a fatal manner.


Title Playing Away from Home
Original title Playing Away from Home
Original language no dialogues
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Year 2014
World première / first public presentation 2014-10-04


Cast Francois Beukelaers, Kristine Van Pellicom, Leen Persijn, Gilles Mortier, Diego Rooman
Photography Menno Mans
Editing Martin Leroy
Sound Senjan Jansen
Art director Yves Verstraete
Costume Hanne Geerts
Makeup Lili Dang-Vu
Music Michael Gallagher

Technical specs

Running time film 7'33"
Release format DCP
Other available formats mov.
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour



2015: Brussels Film Festival (BE), Cinefiesta (PR), Raindance (UK)

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Last edited on 8 January 2016

Short info

Director Koen Mortier
Producers Eurydice Gysel
Writers Koen Mortier

Eurydice Gysel
Koolmijnenkaai 30
1080 Brussels
T +32 2 413 0770


Website czar.be/film-tv/playing-away/
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