EN - Brussels, Belgium. Sixty-six safes are robbed during a spectacular and bloody raid on the small but influential and extremely discreet private bank, Jonkhere. The owners of those safes form a select club of the most powerful people in Belgium, with high-level positions in industry, finance, the military, the law, politics and the unions. Strangely enough, while the perpetrators took no money, they did take documents. Pandora’s Box has been opened! When a detective starts investigating, things become ugly.

NL - Iedereen heeft zijn geheimen, heeft een publiek, maar ook een verborgen leven. Onze grootste angst is dat onze geheimen ooit bekend raken en tegen ons gebruikt worden… In de kleine, maar invloedrijke en extreem discrete private bank Jonkhere in Brussel worden, tijdens een spectaculaire en bloedige raid, 66 kluizen gekraakt. De eigenaren van deze kluizen vormen een select kransje machtshebbers van ons land. De klanten van de bank bezetten topfuncties in industrie, financiën, leger, magistratuur, politiek, syndicaten… Alleen de kluizen van dié klanten zijn gekraakt en de daders hebben geen geld, maar wèl documenten meegenomen… De “Doos van Pandora” is open! Wanneer een koppige politieagent begint te neuzen in het dossier van de bankoverval moet hij meteen rennen voor zijn leven… In de hoofdrollen namen als Filip Peeters, Koen De Bouw, Jo De Meyere, Vic De Wachter en Mike Verdrengh.

FR - Tout le monde a des secrets, tant dans la vie publique que dans la vie privée. L’une de nos plus grandes craintes est que nos secrets soient un jour révélés aux yeux de tous et soient utilisés contre nous... Bruxelles/ Belgique, 66 coffres forts sont dérobés au cours d’une descente sanglante et spectaculaire dans une banque petite mais influente et extrêmement discrète de Jonkhere, à Bruxelles. Les propriétaires de ces coffres forts forment un club privé de personnes très influentes en Belgique. Les clients de la banque occupent de hauts postes dans l’industrie, la finance, l’armée, la magistrature, la politique et les unions. Etrangement, seuls les coffres forts de ces personnes ont été dérobés et bien que le voleur n’ait pas touché à l’argent, il a volé tous les documents qui s’y trouvaient. La boîte de Pandore a été ouverte ! Lorsqu'un détective de police se met à vérifier les dossiers du vol, il doit rapidement fuir pour sauver sa propre vie...


Title Salamander
Original title Salamander
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category TV series
Genre crime
Year 2012
World première / first public presentation 2012-12-10


Cast Filip Peeters, Koen de Bouw, Jo De Meyere, Mike Verdrengh, Lucas Van Den Eynde
Editing Pieter Smet
Sound Gonzo
Art director Kurt Loyens
Costume Inge Coleman
Makeup Els Van Lierde/ Ingeborg Van Eetvelde
Music Steve Willaert

Technical specs

Running time series 12 x 50'
Release format Digi Beta
Other available formats DVD
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Supported by VAF/Filmfonds
Production partners Eén


  • United Kingdom: Arrow (VOD), BBC (TV)
  • Sweden: Netflix (VOD)
  • Germany: Fox/Servus TV (TV)
  • Norway: Viasat (Pay TV, VOD)
  • Finland: Paris Premiere (TV)
  • United States: SBS (TV)
  • France: SVT (TV)
  • Swiss: Telepool (TV)
  • Italy: Fox (TV)
  • The Netherlands: NPO (TV)

BBC Four acquires Flemish TV-series Salamander

BBC Four has acquired the rights to Flemish TV-series Salamander for its Saturday Night programme, traditionally the slot welcoming prestigious foreign productions such as The Killing and Borgen. The twelve-part political thriller, sold internationally by Beta Films, is also set for a North American remake.

SalamanderBBC’s Head of Programme Acquisition describes Salamander as a perfect match. ‘Salamander is a gripping, edge-of-the-seat thriller. It will make a fantastic addition to our Saturday Nights on BBC Four.’

Published on Saturday 18 May 2013

Flemish TV series well represented at FIPA

The Flemish fiction TV series Clan and Salamander are selected for the prestigious International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA 22 – 27 January) in Biarritz, France. Parade’s End, a Flemish coproduction with BBC and HBO, and the interactive TV series The Spiral are also selected for competition.

Still of ClanBoth Clan and Parade’s End will screen in official competition at the fest. Both TV series are in the running for no less than six FIPA d’Or awards. In Clan, the four sisters Goethals plot the murder of their brother-in-law, Jean-Claude. He is the husband of their fifth sister and a pain in the ass just asking to be liquidated. But while planning a murder is easy, committing it is another story...

Published on Tuesday 22 January 2013

Nearly 2.3 million viewers for Flemish TV fiction

The premiere episodes of new Flemish TV series Clan, Deadline 14/10 and The Spiral together gathered an impressive total of 2.3 million viewers in Flanders. Never before have local broadcasters committed this strongly to original indigenous quality fiction. The increase in domestic TV production is a result of the new Media fund which also supported upcoming TV series such as Quiz Me Quick, Salamander and HBO/BBC’s Parade’s End.

The SpiralSunday evening 9 September saw a historic first for television in Flanders. No fewer than three original quality fiction series were counter-programmed by leading channels één and vtm: Clan, Deadline 14/10 and The Spiral. Preliminary results indicate that the three TV series attracted a total of 2,274,000 viewers. Combined with delayed viewing and a number of repeat airings, the final total number is estimated to pass 3 million viewers or half of the population of the Flanders region.

Published on Tuesday 11 September 2012

VAF supports new television series

Three new projects for TV series received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) in its December round. The three series are SalamanderClan and Zuidflank. The first two are entering their production stage, the latter received scriptwriting support.

Salamander is a new project for a twelve-part drama series by Frank Van Mechelen, the director of feature films such as The IntruderHell in Tangier and Germaine. It’s a political thriller about dark secrets, danger and intrigues. Production company is Skyline Entertainment which is also responsible for such TV series as Aspe and De Rodenburgs.

Published on Saturday 29 January 2011

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Last edited on 26 April 2016

Short info

Director Frank Van Mechelen
Producers Corine Appelmans
Writers Ward Hulselmans

Skyline Entertainment
Jan Theys
Wezembeekstraat 3
1930 Zaventem
T +32 2 240 77 77
F +32 2 709 70 01


Beta Film GmbH
Justus Riesenkampff

Preferential partners